Amour on the Amourskaya street. Ekaterina Lazareva

There is a portrait of Amur the cat on Lenin Street (formerly Amur Street). 

With a quiver and arrows. 

Cupid the cat is the tender affection of my heart. He lived with me for two years and was a real, real Cupid. Two years later, Amour died. But love remained alive. 

On Amurskaya Street, Amur is made of mosaic, small squares. It’s like pixels. The memory of him crystallizes in space in the footsteps of photos on the phone. And they are pixelated. These pixels, each of them, were hand made. Glazed with the right color. And then a lot of other people attached pixels to the right place at open workshops. It turned out to be a complicit love story. 

 Amur has already been to Amur in March, flaunted at the festival of Sincerity. But it didn’t have time to dry out then — it was knocked off the wall. I nursed it at home for several months. Therefore, in the photo, if you look closely, you can see voids where there is no mosaic. They are painted in the right color. I am very glad that it finally turned out as I wanted. And the quiver, while it is hanging, will be replenished with arrows.

 It’s important to remember. It is important to love. Hooray.

Irkutsk 2022